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Project / Project partners

The Volksbund

The Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. is the initiator of the art and education project, which was developed and conceived in collaboration with the artist Marcus Barwitzki. In particular, the Volksbund is responsible for the educational part in formof project workshops. Every year the Volksbund organizes international youth meetings in Saxony- Anhalt, in which young people creatively deal with the topic of peace.

The VolksbundDeutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. is a humanitarian organisationwhich, on behalf of the Federal Government, is dedicated to the preservation and care of Germanwar graves abroad. The Volksbund looks after relatives of thewar dead, advises public and private bodies on questions ofwar grave care and promotes education and encounters between young people at the resting places of the dead. In its educational programmes it conveys the values of human rights, democracy and peace and encourages young people in particular to dealwith the issues of extremism, nationalism, racismand arbitrary violence. In thisway, the Volksbund contributes to young people's ability to independently shape remembrance and commemoration. Participants is given space for responsible participation.

The artist Marcus Barwitzki

The artist Marcus Barwitzki brings in experience from previous projects in which he brought together historicalpolitical education and creative forms of expression. He guides the project participants of the Peace Monument „Floris Pax“ in the artistic-creative part of the workshops. In this way, many unique works of art are created, which together formthe Peace Monument.

Since young years,Marcus Barwitzki is artistically active. He took lessons in woodcarving and graphics with Gottfried Schubert. Later he studied graphic design in Schwerin. He continued his work as an artist during and after his studies. He is particularly interested in the European idea. This interest took him to work stays in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans. For his projects, he chooses the appropriate formof expression. This means he uses different techniques, such as sculpture, painting, plastic design, art installation or even the mediumof film. The link between education and art carries many of his works. For several years he has devoted himself to projects that combine artistic activity with a discussion of history and democracy education.With his sculpture „Faces ofWöbbelin Concentration Camp“(Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), he has already carried out a participatory art and education project with international groups.
From his point of view, the classical, more autodynamic areas of fine arts, such as sculpture or painting, can take on the social need for interactivity as a sign of present. It is the active participation of the, so far, passive observer in the creative process that offers exciting possibilities. People get to know the artist and his extraordinary working world. Active participants are able experiment creatively, gain experience and thereby strengthen their self-confidence. The practical and artistic processing makes it easier to understand topics that are difficult to communicate. Here, the potential artistic level of participatory art should not be underestimated. According to Joseph Beuys, there is an artist in every person – the task is to bring out this potential.

The support association

The Association for the promotion of the Peace Monument „Floris Pax“ e. V., which was founded especially for the project, is dedicated to the realization of the project. As the sponsor of the Peace Memorial, it supports the project by raising the necessary financial means.

The „Floris Pax“ Peace Monument Support Association was founded inMagdeburg on March 18, 2019. Its aim is the financial and idealistic support of all measures for the establishment of the Peace Monument „Floris Pax“. As the sponsor of the Peace Monument „Floris Pax“, the association will support the preservation of the Peace Monument and its use as a place of learning and meeting also beyond its completion.