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Project / Participate

How can I participate?

The workshops, which were developed within the framework of the Peace Monument „Floris Pax" project, are deliberately designed to be low-threshold.With this, they are basically open to all age groups. Participants with disabilities are also welcome to attend a workshop. Those

Workshop for school lessons

Teaching staff ormultipliers can also book a workshop for lessons or a project day here. For use in school classes, the workshops are adapted to a desired teaching topic. This ensures the workshop to be integrable in a class on history, social studies, ethics, religion or arts.

Extra-curricular events

Furthermore, workshops can be organised for extra-curricular events. Whether it is an association anniversary or a teambuilding measure: a Peace Monument workshop provides variety. Contact can be established with the organization team via the homepage www.floris-pax.de. The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants who express extremist attitudes fromthe workshop.